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A Sweaty CyclopsEdit

A sweaty cyclops

Location: Daragon

Occupation: He is a smith, so he knows a lot about steel and its kinds.

Note: He transforms equipments into metal. Devil Helmet to Piece of Hell Steel

Crown Armor to Piece of Royal Steel

Dragon Shield to Piece of Draconian Steel

Giant Sword to Huge Chunk of Crude Iron

Soul Orb to Infernal Bolts


A Sweaty Cyclops: Me can make royal steel, draconian steel, hell steel and crude iron. Me also make lil' infernal bolt.

Player: Royal Steel

A Sweaty Cyclops: Very noble. Shiny. Me like. But breaks so fast. Me can make from shiny armour. Lil' one want to trade?

Player: yes

Player: Draconian Steel

A Sweaty Cyclops: Firy steel it is. Need green ones' breath to melt. Or red even better. Me can make from shield. Lil' one want to trade?

Player: yes

Player: Hell Steel

A Sweaty Cyclops: Hellsteel is. Cursed and evil. Dangerous to work with. Me can make from evil helmet. Lil' one want to trade?

Player: yes

Player: Crude Iron

A Sweaty Cyclops: Good iron is. Me friends use it much for fight. Me can make from weapon. Lil' one want to trade?

Player: yes

Player: Infernal Bolts

A Sweaty Cyclops: Uh. Me can make some nasty lil' bolt from soul orbs. Lil' one want to trade all?

Player: yes

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