Offline TradeEdit

Players can now advertise their items to sell on the site, and not limited only to trade online, thus making it much easier to trade...


  • !offer add, itemName, itemPrice, itemCount

example: !offer add, plate armor, 500, 1

  • !offer buy, AuctionID

example: !offer buy, 1943

  • !offer remove, AuctionID

example: !offer remove, 1943

  • !offer withdraw

Use this command to get money for sold items.



New town Rosendale is an elf town located south east from Nedaron. In order to conquer the guild castle, players would need to face strong elf leader, and take violate gem, from his spawn.



New Town, new castle, new guild... waiting for you to be conquered...

If one group of players decide to to make their own guild, that can be managed by taking the conquer quest;
First quest of that kind is Nortfort Castle. Its a small town, with a castle, where quest is taking place;
To start the quest, you'll need certain amount of level, and guild points.
Once the castle has been taken, you, as guild leader can invite new members, or prison and kick the old ones.
Also, one of your main goals is to guard the castle if someone else is trying to take it from you.

Guild WarEdit

Nedaron bannerchoose your city and fight for itDaragon banner

Videos in GameEdit

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